Microsoft Flow vs IFTTT

Recently I came across couple of softwares for automated tasks and workflows management. Microsoft Flow and IFTTT (IF This Than That) are the two softwares that I used for this purpose.


IFTTT has a free signup for using its services as well as mobile application is freely available. There is a variety of applets that one could ever think of. It also gives an ability to create our own applet if it’s not included in the given list. One can view and use what others have created and publish its own applet for others as well. It includes integration with almost all applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox to name a few. The best thing which attracted me was the ability to integrate it with Android and iOS. Applets like saving photos clicked from phone directly to your Dropbox folder or posting them on Facebook made IFTTT stand out. I tested sending my screen shots to Skype conversations and automatically saving them to a separate specified album in my gallery which worked like a charm. Such are the applets I think everyone would want to give it a try. Moreover, IFTTT website is responsive and has user friendly interface with easy to use mobile application (for integrating it with mobile phone).

One of the major drawback I found of using IFTTT is the lack of information provided to delete an applet. Some of the applets didn’t have the option to delete them, alternately they provided an ON and OFF button to enable or disable them. But I think a delete an applet button is a basic requirement that IFTTT miss out. Consequently, it led me to deleting my account from the website.

Microsoft Flow

Ms. Flow is a product owned my Microsoft which like all of its other products gives an option to integrate it with not only Microsoft owned list of products, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Visual Studio, Power Bi, Power Apps etc., but also with other applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Yammer etc. Just like IFTTT it has some easy to use templates made available by Microsoft as well as other users. One can publish its own flow as well. Ms. Flow has a free trial period after which one has to pay for their subscription.

One of the things that put me off is that it does not give much of a support to integration with smart phones. Although, the flow app is free to download on Android/iOS but it has very limited options for integration. The app on the other hand is not user friendly as well. It takes time to configure the flows(tasks/workflows) with cell phones. Similarly, it does not allow you to play inside your phone unlike IFTTT. Furthermore, Ms. Flow misses out integration with Skype which is by far one of the most important communication channels as well as LinkedIn.


Ms. Flow launched in 2016, is more of a business oriented software which one would use to interact with its customers or keep track of their clients’ activities. Moreover, for the maximization of the profit of an organization or to attract customer base this application is a must have for all. Sadly, Ms. Flow has a limited number of services to integrate with and need to add more in the database soon to retain their customer base.

IFTTT on the other hand is an old market player, launched in 2011, is more of a fun to use, mostly likeable for non-commercial activities. Applets like location tracking while leaving a place or automated activities inside your smartphone are more attractive for noncommercial audience. It has a variety of services to integrate with, making it more flexible solution.



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