What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software helps a company to store all the information regarding its client (individual or company) for building good relations with them. A typical CRM manages the sales, marketing and customer support department and make a centralized system for them also providing remote access to the company users.

Suppose in an XYZ company, Tom is the marketing manager. Similarly, Dick looks after the sales department, likewise Harry manages the customer support department. All of them store their respective client data in their local computers. They manage and share the data with each other on daily basis, until one day Harry falls sick and goes on a leave. Now a client calls in and asks about the status of his complaint which he registered about the Dick’s sales department. Now Dick is at fix! He does not have any data regarding the type or nature of the complaint. He is afraid that if he does not resolve the client’s issue within 24 hours he will lose this client and it will make a negative impact on the company’s reputation. What should he do? How should he access Harry’s data?

Now, here is when CRM comes handy. CRM allows all the data related to the client to be stored in a central database in an application; which is purely made for this purpose. It is required to have all the necessary fields for you to store your data. A typical CRM like Dynamics 365 is also customizable, so for let’s say XYZ company wants to store the information regarding the passport number of its client and the software available does not gives the functionality of storing it but in the CRM’s world it can be customized according to the company needs and requirements and that too within no time.

With the use of CRM, the life for the company becomes easy. It gives an ability to enter all the details related to a client, keep track of their interactions with your company and their activities (Emails, Calls, Meetings, Website visits, Complaints generated etc.). CRM helps to focus on the potential clients for your company called Leads and emphasizes on converting it to a client called opportunity. It gives the edge of letting a company knows which of its products are mostly viewed, which are liked or disliked by the common visitors or surfers, products sold to each customer as well as their invoices, types of complaint and their status, assignment of jobs to particular employee of the company, future sales prediction, designing of marketing campaigns and recording its responses etc. All the data required for this is available to everyone within the company (who is given its access).

So, next time Harry falls sick or Tom goes on a vacation, Dick knows where to access the data from and that too very easily. Thanks to CRM!


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